Divorce can be a heart breaking, wallet breaking, and time consuming situation. On the other hand, divorce can be necessary and can end in both parties being happy. Many times divorce can mean a new start, or putting the past away. Christopher Duren, A Servant of the Law, specializes in divorce cases and can take the stress out of divorce. Chris has built his reputation as a lawyer by being ethical and going above and beyond what is expected of him. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1997 Chris moved back to Waunakee and opened up his practice. His firm represents cases in many different legal fields, from real estate to litigation. However, it is in family law that the Duren Law Offices have really built their reputation. Over time Duren has shown that he is not only capable but also greatly successful at handling many types of divorce cases.

Being a family man, Christopher Duren understands the pressure and importance of parenthood and keeping family close. Chris is a father and believes that when dealing with custody issues, it is best for both parties to work together and come up with a solution that best fits. However, when compromise fails, Chris Duren is happy to provide people experienced and aggressive representation inside and outside of the courtroom during all stages of divorce, especially custody battles. Divorce cases can be detrimental to children involved but Chris Duren and his legal team make sure to bring about the best outcome possible in order to ensure both parties and the children remain happy.

Divorce has become a commonality in modern society and many times people walk into divorce unprepared for how complicated the matter is. Finding the correct representation for a divorce case is exceptionally important.  Christopher Duren realizes that Choosing a Divorce Lawyer Wisely is important and each case is different. That’s why Chris and his dedicated team are always prepared to take on a case and put everything they have into it. The Duren Law Offices offer help dealing with issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, post-divorce modification, paternity, contempt, adoption, pre-marital agreements, domestic abuse restraining orders, mediation, and adoption. Duren Law Offices LLC has been built around a passionate, ethical, and driven team that can take the hassle out of your divorce.

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