In the opinion of Christopher Duren, it is not enough to just be successful and the personal success of the individual must be moderated with reference to their charitable endeavours. We are all part of the world and must act as citizens of humanity when we make the decision to undertake philanthropic behaviour, and it is Christopher Durens firm belief that philanthropy is an essential complement to personal success and material gain. The successful individual has a duty to share his success with those less fortunate than himself and it is in light of this belief that Christopher Duren has conducted so many charitable activities in his life.

In 1997, Christopher Duren founded Duren Law Offices in his home town of Waunakee, straight after graduating from Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. The offices dealt with many different legal issue but first and foremost in Christopher Durens interests has been the area of family law, in which he considers himself an expert. Now, family law can encompass a variety of different things, from the trivial (such as legal wrangling over inheritance issues) to the tragic and severe, like the case of child abuse. These cases have always remained with Christopher Duren and it was his experience as a family lawyer that made him determined to do his best to improve the situation of abused women and children wherever he could. Christopher Duren was particularly moved by the vulnerability of these cases: often, when cut off from the abuser, these figures would have been unable to support themselves and found themselves with few friends and nobody to turn to except the federal government and charities. Their plight remained with Christopher Duren long after the cases themselves were resolved and were one of the key motivating factors in the decision of Christopher Duren and his wife when they organized the Safe At Home Charity Softball Tournament for J. B. I. Charities, Inc. This began in 2008 and has continued annually due to the success it achieved, and helps abused women and children in Dane County, raising money to see to their accommodation needs and to provide them the legal aid which they need to extricate themselves from awful situations. Christopher Duren is proud to say that these tournaments have been a resounding success, raising much needed funds for these neglected social groups. For Christopher Duren, the ability to dedicate yourself to charitable pursuits is one of the most important that the individual can foster.

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